23.01.2019 23:10
avatar  Mevans

Hello everyone, I am new here and looking forward to successful ideas for investments. I started trading on kryptos end of 2017 At the moment I still have some open positions in xrp and btc with small losses. I wonder if I should close them and where else i should invest. This is all verry knew for me and i would like to learn more about investigations in other directions.
I am happy about your ideas.


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24.01.2019 00:08

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I'll take Ethereum as an example, it's over 80% loss since its all-time high and yet many traders can not let go of the cryptocurrencies. If this were the case for other values ​​with over 80% loss then it would be in the newspapers or in the news.

I stick to the example of the Ethereum!

While in January 2018 users were still sending Ethereum worth more than $ 400 billion, in December of the same year it was only about $ 10 billion. This corresponds to a loss of the transaction value of 97.5 percent.

What does that tell us? That simply the interest as a means of payment tends to zero. Compared to a conventional currency, this would mean hyperinflation and equate to currency devaluation. It has become the bear market, the prices are sinking and sinking to the bottomless as we see, we should also act accordingly and look for alternative investment opportunities that exist.

Take Bitcoin for example.

Bitcoin has not been suitable as a means of payment until now. The current situation of Blockchain experts is compared with the change of our society before and after the invention of the Internet. Still, paying with Bitcoin in everyday life, a massive amount of time and brings a lot of inconvenience with the other digital payment options, such as Paypal, are currently much more user-friendly and are already accepted by most providers. I myself use Paypal, I use my Mastercard which I can use in all currencies. Maybe these are the teething troubles of the cryptocurrencies that still have to be conquered, but that can take years and we do not have to make ourselves available as guinea pigs.

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