How Do You Set Up Business Email List

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In the evening, when everyone trickles into the room, there is Business Email List some tension. The Board of Directors saunters through the crowds somewhat nervously and sits behind their table, looking shyly. Obviously not completely confident about what is to come and with a member of the Supervisory Board watching, there is even more pressure. The Business Email List power of a story at work The first group begins. One of the group members opens with: 'I would like to take you back to May 3, 2021 when Robin had the last working day ...' The story gradually Business Email List unfolds. Everyone listens carefully. Everyone is nodding and humping.

The central issue is noted on a flipchart for later Business Email List discussion. Group two and three, same. The fourth group sets out and puts forward a strong position. Group four is quickly questioned critically about their research, and the breadth Business Email List and depth of their complaint. Instead of a presentation to the group, a debate with side paths arises about the technical side of all kinds of details. The conversation ends and the fourth issue also appears on Business Email List the flipchart, although no one looks forward to resuming that conversation.

The power of a story at work: presenting an opinion Business Email List quickly arouses resistance and turns your audience into a critical audience. A story about a human being of flesh and blood turns the audience into listeners who sympathize and follow Business Email List the storyline. This means that telling a story may take more time, but you save friction and resistance (and therefore time) through the collective that arises. You can always discuss the Business Email List matter factually afterwards, but only after a connection has been established between everyone.

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